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Listen to samples of Compact Disc's available for sale

These selected samples represent only about half the tracks on each album. The quality of these samples is reduced from original for the sake of faster downloading. (The samples are 80kbps MP3 format). All prices are in Australian dollars, to order contact David Alleway.

Sing a little louder! - CD only
'Sing a little louder!'
David the Music Man
This collection of songs and tunes which children of all ages will enjoy hearing & singing
8 Karaoke version tracks with lyrics provided.
CD - A$15.00

Walking My Bulldog - Sample: 49 seconds 486KB

Download Now
The Hippopotamus Song - Sample: 39 seconds 387KB Download Now
Walzing With Bears - Sample: 52 seconds 515KB Download Now
Yea Ho, Little Fishes - Sample: 29 seconds 288KB Download Now
Middle Eastern Tune - Sample: 59 seconds 578KB Download Now
The Nasty Spider - Sample: 30 seconds 299KB Download Now
Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus - Sample: 26 seconds 263KB Download Now

Drop of Scotch - CD or Cassette
'Drop of Scotch'
Celtic Music by Australia's foremost pipe and harp duo.
On this their debut album Dianne Gaylard and David Alleway have been joined by a fine cast of guest musicians to produce a great collection of contemorary and traditional Scottish music and song played in Australia today.
CD - A$20.00
Cassette - A$15.00
Farewell to the Boston Fiddle Club - 16 secs 165KB Download Now
The Eagle's Whistle - Sample: 14 seconds 139KB Download Now
The Green and the Blue - Sample: 28 seconds 276KB Download Now
Maries Wedding - Sample: 27 seconds 266KB Download Now
Coulter's Candy - Sample: 18 seconds 181KB Download Now
The Final Fling - Sample: 28 seconds 273KB Download Now
No Man's Land - Sample: 31 seconds 305KB Download Now
Auld Lang Syne - Sample: 20 seconds 197KB Download Now

Still Moving - CD or Cassette
'Moving Harps '
are three polished harpists who play with awesome timing and a typically Australian air of informality and humour that throws new light on the harp. Their unique sound is achieved by utilising a mixture of folk, ragtime and jazz styles on a reportoire drawn from South American, European and Celtic cultures. These guys are destined to blow away all your pre-conceptions.
CD - A$20.00
Cassette - A$15.00
Hewlett - seconds KB Download Now
The New Motor - seconds KB Download Now
Farewell to Whisky - seconds KB Download Now
O'Carolan's Draught - seconds KB Download Now
Arran Boat Song - seconds KB Download Now
Sir Sidney Smith's March - seconds KB Download Now
Llydaw - seconds KB Download Now
Kemp's Jig - seconds KB Download Now

The Next Move - CD or Cassette
'The Next Move'
With subtle irreverence this trio shatters any classical image that associates itself with the harp. Their unique sound is achieved by utilising a mixture of folk, ragtime and jazz styles. These three men and their harps have transformed churches, galleries, restaurants, theatres and festival stages into intimate performance spaces where the sweet sounds of their harps are heard ringing from the rafters.
CD - A$20.00
Cassette - A$15.00
Tantz, Tantz, Yidelekh - 25 secs 244 KB Download Now
Miss Hamilton - 20 seconds 196KB Download Now
Malibi - 16 seconds 155KB Download Now
Fatty's Rest - 24 seconds 240KB Download Now
Tourdion - 15 seconds 150KB Download Now
Brisbane Ladies - 20 seconds 196KB Download Now
The Buffalo Set - 13 seconds 129KB Download Now
La Partida - 20 seconds 186KB Download Now