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Information about other Bands David performs with
Drop of Scotch Drop of Scotch - Pumped, Plucked & Full of Music!
Mention bagpipes, harp, fiddle, and a Drop of Scotch and your mind immediately drifts towards Scotland? Wrong, think again, Australia has its very own duo of fine musicians playing the music and songs of the Celtic countries of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Breton. They play traditional and contemporary music from these countries and the other lands where the Celts have emigrated to, such as Canada and Australia. Their concerts are a witty distillation of music, songs and humour that is sure to please everyone with a love of Celtic music.
Diane Gaylard began playing Scottish Highland Bagpipes in Canberra in 1971 and for many years competed in pipe band competitions throughout Australia. In 1988 she discovered the Scottish small pipes, an almost extinct version of Scottish pipes now undergoing a revival around the world. They are more mellow than highland pipes and ideally suited to playing with other traditional instruments.
It was at this time she began playing music with celtic harpist David Alleway, a combination which was later to become known as Drop of Scotch. Diane also plays fiddle and whistle to accompanying the haunting songs and ballads which David sings.
David Alleway is the harpist, guitarist, singer and spokesman of the group. He came to Australia in 1974, began singing in folk clubs in Perth in 1976 and has been performing regularly around Australia ever since. He is a musical "jack of all trades" equally at home on many instruments but especially on the Celtic Harp, or Clarsach for wich he has won numerous awards. He is equally adept in his singing skills with a repetoire ranging from serious haunting ballads to humorous tongue twisting songs about every subject from love to football!

Moving Harps Australia's first and foremost harp trio "Moving Harps". The group consists of harp maker and player Andy Rigby and versatile musicians David Rackham and David Alleway. Of special significance is that David Alleway is a resident of Marysville and it is a wonderful opportunity for audiences in this region to hear David and his musical friends perform together on his home turf. This is made possible with the financial assistance of the Arts Victoria touring program.
Since the group formed seven years ago, these three men and their monster size harps have toured Victoria and interstate transforming churches, chapels, theatrettes and galleries into intimate performance spaces where the sweet sounds of their harps are heard ringing from the rafters. They have been regularly welcomed guests at major Australian music festivals including the National Folk Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Maleny Music Festival and the National Harp Festival. They have released two CDs entitled "Still Moving." and " The Next Move".
Contrary to the classical image that associates itself with the harp, Moving Harps present their audiences with an eclectic repertoire mainly drawn from Celtic, European and South American cultures. In true keeping with the harpers of days gone by, Moving Harps continue the tradition of reflecting contemporary events and issues in their original compositions which vary vastly in theme from celebrating new motors for vans, the anticipation of waiting for a son to be born and a tribute to a deceased friend.
Their unique sound is achieved by utilising a mixture of folk, ragtime, classical and jazz styles. If you consider what the critics have to say, Moving Harps are three polished musicians who play with awesome timing and a typically Australian air of informality and humour that throws new light on the harp.